Best 3 Ways to Cure Female Erectile Dysfunction

femaile erectile dysfunction

A lot of women have stated that female erectile dysfunction bothers them and they do not know how to proceed with things. There are many causes and symptoms regarding erectile dysfunction in women, and there are various treatment to help reverse the condition.

Factors that Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Women

There are various factors that can cause erectile dysfunction in a woman; about 80% of the cases are results of physical factors. The problem usually arises from disorders in neurological or circulatory function. This condition usually occurs more in men.

Research has also claimed that individual factors like health, gender identity, fatigue and stress have contributed to female erectile dysfunction. Lack of self esteem or depression can also hinder women from experiencing sexual arousal.

Treatments Without Using Medication

These are some of the best non medical treatments that you can use to cure erectile dysfunction is you are a woman.

  • Use a Device: Erection or arousal of the clitoris may be achieved by proper stimulation; you may consider using a vibrator.
  • Try a Lubricant: A nice mild lubricant for the vagina will be quite good to cure erectile dysfunction.
  • Talk to a Counselor: Speaking to a counselor who deals with sexual problems is a very good way to start curing the problem.
  • Making Changes to Your Lifestyle: Leading a healthy life is very important if you want an active sex life. You must eat healthy food and incorporate healthy activities like drinking less alcohol, getting good exercise and following a good sleep pattern.

Treatment Using Medicines for Curing Sexual Dysfunction in Women

For the treatment to work the underlying causes need to be worked on. Sometimes hormonal change or medical condition can cause erectile dysfunction in a woman and this needs immediate attention. To cure the problem your doctor will suggest you to do the following things:

  • Try addressing the pain in the pelvic regions
  • Treat any depression or anxiety
  • You should treat hormonal imbalance or thyroid problems
  • Stop using medicines that have nasty side effects on your sex life

Therapy Using Androgen

Testosterone is included in Androgen and testosterone is very important for leading a very active sex life for both sexes.

Therapy with Estrogen

This is usually available in tablet or cream for. This helps to increase elasticity and tone of the vagina. This also improves the lubrication and blood flow.


This medicine was originally intended to be a medicine for curing depression and it is approved by FDA to treat women with female erectile dysfunction. One single pill a day will help women to improve their sexual performance and also experience arousing of the clitoris. If this medicine is misused then fainting, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, sleepiness and blood pressure are some of the side effects that can take place. Do not consume this medicine with alcohol.

The therapy using Androgen is still under development and so far the clinical tests have been favorable. Experts have clearly stated that there are no risks in the treatment but the intensity of the results may vary from person to person. You should have a word with your doctor about the risks involved in this treatment.

Some Home Remedies to Treat Erectile Dysfunction in Women

Taking medicine is really a bad habit to cure erectile dysfunction. That's why alternate way is always the best way to cure ED even if it is the female erectile dysfunction. Here are few ways that could be helpful for you if you are in the problem of female erectile dysfunction. Also you can use ED Reverser or ED Miracle Shake which are works to remove erectile dysfunction without medicine.

Check these below three ways and you can apply these techniques to your sex life by discussing with your partner. Hope these can help you to cure your erectile dysfunction.​

  • Reducing Pain: Altering position during sexual intercourse can help in reducing pain. Also a warm bath before sex can help a woman stimulate her clitoris.
  • Indulging in Non Coital Behaviours: A relaxing massage can do a lot good as helps the muscles to be calm and composed for sexual arousal.
  • Exercising: Pursuing an exercise routine is the best way to reduce anxiety and also beat stress in a way.

These are some of the treatments for female erectile dysfunction and in certain cases two different treatments have to be used at the same time to cure the condition. The advancements in medical science have made the treatment very safe and effective. In fact, most women have used the above mentioned and has achieved very positive results. So if you are a woman who is suffering from erectile dysfunction then you can resort to these methods without any hesitation at all as they produce good results.

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