Never Heard Before Best Erectile Dysfunction Cure

best erectile dysfunction cure

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a condition in which a man either ejaculates before or cannot maintain the erection of his penis during sexual activities. Usually men over 75 face this problem, but of late owing to several factors, this has been found as menace among younger men as well. This has forced us to compose this post and we have compiled a list of the best erectile dysfunction cure that you have never heard before.

Unheard Best Erectile Dysfunction Cure

We do not believe in harsh medications that often come with a cost. Moreover, we have created this post to provide you with as much information as we could in relation to natural ED cure.


Apple Cider Vinegar

There is hardly anything that ACV cannot cure and when it comes to ED it is a great remedy. You will notice consumption of ACV on a regular basis starts to fill you with sexual desires after a few days. It cures ED indirectly because it can repair damaged nerves and vessels in the penis, brings down diabetes and blood pressure which are direct causes of ED. Consequentially, you will even lose some extra kilos that will help you perform better during sex.

Recommended Use

1 tablespoon can do wonders mixed with honey and lemon juice for additional flavor. Blend it with 1 cup of warm water and drink 20 minutes ahead of a meal.


Garlic and Cayenne Pepper

This is fastest, yet a spicy cure for ED but one that works fine. You need to take it 3 hours before action time and you will be hard as a rock. The logic is cayenne pepper helps in blood circulation and the garlic opens the blood vessels. This duo can reduce cholesterol and keep blood pressure under control.

Recommended Use

You can use as much of garlic and cayenne pepper as is possible in cooking for good.



This is vitamin B3 and you can find a lot of supplements readily available in leading health food stores. It is an effective cure for ED and can show results within 12 weeks. However, it can be found in fish, grains and chicken which should be eaten more while trying to get rid ED.

Recommended Use

As mentioned you can either buy supplements or eat the natural food items that contain this vitamin.


Muira Puama

For thousands of years this has successfully treated ED and is considered as a powerful male aphrodisiac. Found abundantly in the Amazon (not only the retail site) but the jungle, the Brazilians use it to cure problems related to digestion as well.

Recommended Use

Use it as per the instructions on the bottle.

Now Your Turn

We hope you have liked our earnest endeavor in regards to best erectile dysfunction cure. We have tried to incorporate as many treatments as possible in this post because we wanted to share natural remedies instead of the useless medicinal ones. This will neither have any side effects on your and you can get back your youthful vigor at a low cost. We know sharing is caring and we certainly want our readers to know about that.

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