The 5 Most Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

causes of erectile dysfunction

People are often their own worst enemies when it comes to health issues. Here are the 5 most common Causes of Erectile Dysfunctions you must need to know. If you know these erectile dysfunction causes you can easily take care your ed problem.

You often see this with many of the common illnesses. People with hypertension, for example, will completely ignore their doctor’s advice and keep on eating fatty foods and not getting enough exercise.

It’s exactly the same with erectile dysfunction. You can’t cure erectile dysfunction if you don’t make changes to your lifestyle too, so read on, and we will tell you about five things that you are doing that are making your ED worse.

You are Eating the Wrong Types of Food

Even if you are doing other things to cure erectile dysfunction, you need to cut down on the things that will be making your ED worse. The things to avoid include caffeine, alcohol and drugs and, if you are a smoker, then quitting smoking will help cure erectile dysfunction. You should also cut down on fatty foods, because excess weight can cause ED.

You are Not Eating the Right Types of Food

As well as foods and drinks that you should avoid, there are also foods that are known to improve vascular health, which will improve the blood flow and therefore help you achieve a strong erection. Foods that will help cure erectile dysfunction include fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Specific foods known to help cure ED include blueberries, watermelon and oysters.

Adding more of the above foods to your diet will definitely reduce the symptoms of ED and a change in diet could, in some cases, cure ED completely. For most people, though, diet alone will not cure erectile dysfunction, but it will go a long way towards that goal.

cure erectile dysfunction

You are Working Too Hard

One of the most common causes of ED is stress so, if you work long hours and you don’t give yourself enough time to relax, you will be making your ED worse.

Our bodies are not designed to cope with the continual stress that the modern lifestyle brings. Because we are subjected to so much stress today, it is important to make sure that you do put time aside to switch off and relax.

If you don’t make that time yourself, you can be sure that none else will do it for you. It’s unlikely that your boss at work is suddenly going to give a few extra days off, so it’s up to you to make sure that you make your relaxation time a priority.

You need to be kind to yourself and make the time to relax available. Making chill-out time available may not be easy to do, but it is the best way to stop the symptoms of stress, one of which is ED, getting on top of you. It will be good for your health and good for your sex life, so it’s a step that is well worth taking.

You are Not Getting Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep can have a major impact on your sex life and your health. Did you know, for example, that just three days without sleep could cause a psychotic episode?

Lack of sleep is also known to be a cause of depression and depression is a major cause of erectile dysfunction.

It is important, then, to make sure that you get yourself into a regular sleep pattern and always try to get a good eight hours of quality sleep every night.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

You are Not Getting Enough Exercise

One of the basic causes of ED is poor circulation. Without a good flow of blood, you are not going to be able to achieve a strong and long lasting erection.

It really is quite simple. A good flow of blood will mean good erections and a poor flow of blood will lead to ED. The good news is that improving the blood flow is not difficult to do.

The best way to improve the circulation is to take more exercise. Most people understand the importance of regular exercise; but may many people do very little about it.

You may not be all that excited about the idea of getting more exercise, but it will greatly improve the quality of your erections and it will make them last much longer. Do yourself a favor; make exercise a regular part of your weekly routine and you will soon notice an improvement in your erections.

You don’t need to exercise every single day; three times a week will be sufficient. The easiest way to get exercise into your routine is to take up a sport you are passionate about.

how to cure erectile dysfunction

What you do to get more exercise in not really important. So long as you increase your heart rate on a regular basis, you will be improving the blood flow around your body. Find a form of exercise that you enjoy and then it will seem like much less of a chore to do every week.

Even if you are taking other steps to cure erectile dysfunction, those steps are not going to be effective as they could be. If you stop making these mistakes you will be able to cure erectile dysfunction a lot quicker.

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