Bear Oil Cures Erectile Dysfunction – Russian Approach

causes erectile dysfunction

Modern megalopolis life negatively affects male health. Continual stress, work at full stretch, bad environmental conditions …Unfortunately under the influence of these factors men suffer from erectile dysfunction.

If it’s time to put paid to your private life?! IT IS THE WAY OUT!

I propose you to find out an alternative medicine approach to cure erectile dysfunction. It is bear oil treatment which comes from distant Russian Siberia!

The Bear has always been a sacral animal in Russia. People have treated this animal with caution and respect – they didn’t even speak aloud the name of the animal. No other animal has so many nicknames as a bear does: “Stomper”, “Mister Michaylo Potapych”, “Clubfoot” etc… But there have always been brave hunters ready to bag a dangerous animal. It is because bear meat, bile and oil really have unique properties. Bear oil is of great worth thanks to its ability to cure pain in joints and lingering cough. But mainly bear oil was used to cure erectile dysfunction.

Let’s remember for instance Grigori Rasputin. His tremendous potency has become a legend. Women belonging to the social Russian elite were dying to find themselves in bed with this ordinary ignorant Russian lout. And few people know that Rasputin – Russian Empress’ favorite- regularly used the bear oil ointment in order to save his face.

Deep in Siberian villages where men go hunting up till now, bear oil is still used by grooms during the wedding night. Bear oil stimulates potency impressing a young wife. But it also has bioactive substances which have a slight anesthetic action. That’s why defloration is going on painless. And with the help of bear oil a young husband could prolong coitus till his wife is completely satisfied. Let’s remember that modern medicine does the same way adding anesthetics to intimate gels for coitus prolongation.

So what is the secret of such a profit of bear oil? The point is that the bear hibernates for five(!) months. And it fattens out a lot of subcutaneous fat for not to starve to death during this time. But fattening out is not enough to survive the winter. Infection resistance is also needed – otherwise any little wound even a sting would be a fatal one. During the whole summer the bear eats ecologically clean meat, fish, berries and wild honey, as well as bark and herbs. Its organism synthesizes meanwhile the unique set of bioactive substances, vitamins, nucleic acids and trace elements. Bear oil is extracted in late fall when a bear is ready to hibernate and its oil is saturated with the useful substances to the maximum.

Let’s try and remember what erection is. During sexual stimulation blood flow increases in sponge-like bodies, and outflow on the contrary – decreases. Consequently a penis expands, becomes rigid (hard). First of all erectile dysfunction occurs as a consequence of Arterial Disorder.

The bear oil rubbed-in regularly makes available all the vitamins, nucleic acids, bio-active substances penetrate into the blood flow. Endothelial (internal vascular wall) condition comes to normal, vascular tone is renewed, cell renewal rises, blood circulation improves. These processes all together result in normal erection recovery. It is significant to note that bear oil must be rubbed into, not just smeared. Because the oil mustn’t be absorbed onto surface but penetrate into the vessels.

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