The Three Steps of Erectile Dysfunction Cure

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No one can say that they offer a 100% effective erectile dysfunction cure, because there are many things that can affect a man’s performance, including unrelated illnesses and the side effects of medications. However, what is important is that anyone who does experience ED understands the role that his brain has to play in the problem.

If you are a man with erectile dysfunction, it is quite likely that the sexual messages in your brain have become confused. This causes anxiety about sexual performance, which is very common in men who have difficulty in achieving an erection or who are experiencing other sexual issues. When men do not have a structure in their sex lives, the continual anxiety that is caused by that can lead to difficulties in achieving or maintaining an erection.

If a man does not understand the order in which the sexual programs in the brain work, then he will not be able to follow the sequence of events that will lead to a sustained erection. It will also make it much more difficult to identify the events that may have caused the ED problem.

For an erectile dysfunction cure to be effective, a sexual technique must be adopted that encompasses the entire sexual act, from start to finish, inside the bedroom, and out. The steps taken to prepare for sex are an important factor in a man achieving and maintaining a healthy erection. Having a good sexual technique helps a man to maintain an erection and control and that helps to maintain a good connection with their partner.

The Best Erectile Dysfunction Cure is Getting Fit for Sex

The best sex always starts in the mind so, if you want to train your brain to be able to coordinate the sexual programs correctly, you should focus your attention on the following:

Fuel Your Body with Food

To experience good sex, you need to be mentally alert so, it is just as important to beware of the foods that can impair your mental dexterity as it is to eat the foods that can improve alertness and sexual functions. It is important that you steer clear of foods that can interfere with the natural cycles of your body and eat more foods that will increase blood flow, increase energy levels, and provide fuel for your brain.

Exercise the Sex Muscles

Sex requires energy and stamina if you are to satisfy both you and your partner, so keeping physically fit and exercising your core sex muscles will help cure erectile dysfunction. Regular exercise does increase energy levels, but simply taking a walk every day won’t be an erectile dysfunction cure on its own.

In the same way that a short jog two days in every week for a month won’t get you fit enough to run a marathon, you need to exercise the specific sex muscles regularly to prepare your body for longer lasting sex.

You’ve probably heard the saying “use it or lose it”. If you do have problems achieving and maintaining an erection, your sexual activity has probably declined. This can make erectile dysfunction even worse, because your penis muscles will start to suffer from atrophy.

If you are not physically fit, it will affect your performance in bed. This is one of the reasons why erectile dysfunction is more common in older men. The levels of fitness that we have when are young, usually begins to diminish at the age of 25.

Preparing Mentally for Sexual Encounters

Without the proper diet and the right type of exercise, you may not be able to think as clearly as you would like and that will impact on your ability to solve sexual issues. However, to be able to fully control your erections, you will need an understanding of the order in which your sexual programs need to work. Understanding this will enable you to activate those sexual programs in the most effective order. This will include gaining an understanding of the switching process that occurs before and during sex, which is how your brain communicates with the rest of your body.

Anxiety about sexual performance is caused by not having an understanding of the sexual programs and the order in which they need to work. The anxiety is triggered by the uncertainty of how to proceed before sex and during it, and what to do when an erection begins to fail.

Your mind cannot focus properly on more than one thing at a time

If you are experiencing emotional problems, then you will be focusing on that and your brain can only focus properly on one thing at a time, so that will make you lose an erection.

When you understand the order in which ten sexual programs need to work, it becomes much easier to make an erectile dysfunction cure work. It allows you to correct your mental focus so that you can keep the erection program running in your brain.

Once you have grasped the basics of how the sexual programs of the brain work and you are actively practicing the switching technique for sex, the sexual programs will be naturally re-wired in your brain and that will make having great sex come to you automatically, just like riding a bicycle.

Combined with a proper diet and adequate exercise, the switching technique for sex can work as an extremely effective erectile dysfunction cure. It will help you stay hard and in control and it will improve your ability to satisfy both your partner and you when you have sex.

“Having gone through cancer and come out the other side a paraplegic, I was unable to get an erection that was strong enough to allow me to have proper sexual intercourse. To regain the ability to enjoy a normal sex life again would transform my life. You truly are a legend!”

“I was able to maintain a strong erection and ejaculate well last night. I am so grateful to you for showing me how to recover my sexual functions. I am now able to enjoy sex with my wife without any distractions and with full confidence. The last seven days of practicing these techniques have been a massive breakthrough. I can’t tell you how grateful I am!”

Verdict Line

If you have tried erectile dysfunction medications, treatments and therapies in the past, you will know that no erectile dysfunction cure will work unless it is a part of a complete strategy.

You can solve ED now with a strategy that is complete and one that deals with each and every one the individual erectile dysfunction cures. You will be dealing with the mental causes, the physical causes and the underlying emotional aspects of the problem as well. It is this combined approach will provide you with the most effective erectile dysfunction cure.

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