Top Best Erectile Dysfunction Exercises Which Can Reverse ED Easily Without Medicine

erectile dysfunction exercises

Wanting to experience a healthy sex life is no sin at all, but to experience one a few healthy habits need to be incorporated such as good sleep, good diet and regular exercise. There are many men out there who suffer from Erectile dysfunction, now you can always resort to drugs like Cialis, Staxyn and Levitra to rectify the problem but sometimes these drugs can have a host of side effects on your body. However the good news is that there are many erectile dysfunction exercises that can help rectify the problem. In fact, many men have indulged in exercises and have experienced very good results. Regular exercise helps the body to produces hormones called Endorphins that also produce hormones for sex. It is a proven fact that exercise can help to lower stress, improve digestion, curb blood pressure, maintain regular heart rate, keeps the nerves calm and improves the mood.

Connection Between Erectile Dysfunction and Exercise

A research conducted at Harvard revealed that half an hour of walking reduces the chances of erectile dysfunction by 41%. Simultaneously a clinical study also showed that a medium exercise routine helps overweight and middle aged men reverse their condition of ED.

Another case study from 1990 also showed that men who used Viagra did not experience intense physical intimacy in comparison to the men who indulged in erectile dysfunction exercises. However it is to be noted that results through exercises will take time to show. Here is a list some exercises that produce great results for men with erectile dysfunction.

Exercises for Adding Strength to the Pelvic Floor

This exercise is mainly for women who have given birth and would like to tone their abdomen muscles. Research has also revealed that this exercise can also provide fabulous results for men who are suffer from ED. Once you are able to learn these exercises you can do them anytime in a series of steps.

  • To find the muscles that permit these exercises you can star and then stop the flow of your urine mid way
  • Do not do this too much as it can affect your natural ability to urinate.
  • After you have managed to locate the muscles, tighten them and you can feel them move in an upward direction
  • Hold this position for about 5 seconds
  • Do 10 repetitions by taking sufficient rest in between

The Pros: The exercise works wonders provided you do them regularly. The results will take time to show. The whole exercises should be done at least 5 times in a day by taking breaks in between.

The Cons: Well if the exercise is done too many times and not in proper form it can have bad effects on an individual’s health.

Weight and Cardio Exercises

A combination of weight training and cardio exercises is one of the greatest options in erectile dysfunction exercises, here are some exercises that can be done to reduce erectile dysfunction.

  • Cardio Exercise:
    There many variants under this such as running, skipping and jumping exercise. While doing these exercises you should have proper gear like good shoes that absorb the shock. These exercises need to be done in proper postures always, do not go overboard with them try to increase your intensity gradually. Swimming, speed walking, biking, skiing, Rowing and elliptical are some of the other types of cardio exercises that you can indulge in.
  • Weight Training:
    This too has many variations under it such as bench presses, dumbell rows, dumbbell curls and military presses to name a few. Each of these exercises target different body parts.

The Pros: These exercises help to increase the strength of the bones and muscle density. They also help to uniform blood circulation particularly in the penile region. Regular exercise routine combining weights and cardio can not only increase the flow of blood but they can also improve the level of energy, keep a check on the blood pressure and also tone muscles.

The Cons: If these exercises are not done in proper posture then they can have a devastating effect on the health of a man. Too much weight training can also cause joint pain. Biking is not a bad exercise but you should note that if he seats on the bike are too narrow then the entire weight can shift to the pelvis and cycling for more than three hours in a single week can make you prone to erectile dysfunction.


There is no doubt that the body and mind have a very strong connection and strengthening this connection can help you fight fatigue and stress that can eliminate erectile dysfunction. Yoga is one exercise that can help to prevent erectile dysfunction by helping your mind calm down and connect with your body. Here are some of the postures in yoga that help to beat erectile dysfunction.


  • Make sure you are seated straight by stretching your legs out to the floor. Your feet should face the ceiling.
  • Start to inhale and stretch arms in an upward direction, when you breathe out and start bending forward keeping your spine straight.
  • After this touch your big toe with your thumb.
  • Keep bending forward until the forehand comes in contact with your knees
  • Try to hold this posture for 20 seconds.

Plank pose

This is one of the simplest yoga posture to cure erectile dysfunction, it also helps to improve endurance and stamina during sexual intercourse. If you do this posture o a regular basis you will notice a good difference over a period of time. Here are the steps to perform the yoga.

  • Start out by lying on your tummy.
  • Place your palms at the side of your face and then slowly begin to bend the feet, till the toes are off the ground.
  • Raise your buttock region in the air, keeping your legs in a parallel direction to the floor.
  • Try to stay in this position and then bring your body to the ground.

Boat Pose

You can experience a boost in the production of sexual hormones within your body. In case there is a blockage this posture will help to channel all your energy to get a healthy erection. This posture also adds substantial strength to the thighs, buttocks and hip region. Here is a list of some simple steps on how to perform this yoga pose.

  • You must first lie down on a mat and place your arms firmly by your side, keep your feet close to one another.
  • You must inhale and exhale when you are lifting your chest from the ground, you must also get your feet up from the ground.
  • Try to keep your arms in a straight position.
  • Stay in this position for at least ten seconds.
  • To move out of the posture start breathing out and return to the starting position.

The Pros: Yoga has been very effective in dealing with a whole bunch of medical conditions and erectile dysfunction is no exception. All of these Yoga positions help to improve the circulation of blood and increase stamina for sexual intercourse

The Cons: The only drawback that these postures have is that they can sometimes out pressure on your shoulder joints, so you must really learn how to control your bodyweight.

Interested To Do Erectile Dysfunction Exercises?

So you realize that overcoming this medical condition is not tough at all these days. If you learn to care for your body by doing regular erectile dysfunction exercises, then you can expect great results in not time.

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