Erection Problems and Solutions

Erection Problems Solutions

Erectile dysfunction is one of the biggest common problems for both males and females. Some might say that females do not have erectile dysfunction, so why should it be their problem? Apparently, women suffer not less than men from male’s impotence.

So what is Erectile Dysfunction? Also referred to impotence, Erectile Dysfunction means constant inability to have or keep a steady firm erection throughout sexual intercourse. And while impotence also means inability to produce descendants, Erectile Dysfunction is a problem that purely influences the hardness of erection as well as the quality of sexual relationships between men and women.

Up to 30% of World’s male population suffer from this problem (from mild to severe ED) which makes them unconfident, sad and irritated. And obviously, if a man suffers from Erectile Dysfunction, his wife or a girlfriend will blame herself for being not beautiful enough, or not thin enough, etc., which will give both in the couple a lot of problems.

There are different kinds of Erectile Dysfunctions:

Complete inability to have erection
Irregular ability to have erection
Ability to keep erection for a very short time (or not long enough)
The problem of Erectile Dysfunction is a very big problem in the World now, and it is hard to say exactly how many million men (according to the recent data, up to 150 millions) suffer from erectile dysfunction today, but it is well known that in the recent 50 years the number of men with Erectile Dysfunction has more than tripled. Of course, if you have problems with erection it doesn’t really help that there are some other people suffering from the same problem, as all you want is to get rid of this problem.

But as the number of people with erection problems grows, more and more physicians start looking for ways of treating Erectile Dysfunction.

Young and Old Men

Although young men also suffer from erection problems, it is well-known that erectile dysfunction is a problem of older people. According to statistics, about 5-10% of men at the age of 40, and 15-25% of men over 60 years old suffer from Erection Dysfunction. In older ages, the problem of erectile dysfunction mostly has physical causes, as well as it can be a result of some sickness, injuries, unhealthy lifestyle and medications.


So what can actually cause Erectile Dysfunction? Since erection, as any other reaction of an organism, is a very complicated process which involves brain, muscles, veins, and many more, dysfunction of any of them can result in erectile dysfunction. Diabetes or kidney diseases, alcohol, narcotics, cigarette abuse, problems with heart and blood pressure – all can result in Erectile Dysfunction, as well as overweight and lack of physical exercises.


No matter, if you are young or old, it is possible to treat erectile problems with certain drugs. As more researches have been made and more drugs have been invented, it is much easier now to get the problem cured and come back to a normal sexual life you used to have before.

And it is not only the well-known Viagra that can help you solve the problem of Erectile Dysfunction. There are some other healthier options (Cialis, Levitra, injections, vacuum pumps, urethral drugs, etc) which will give you a more permanent effect. Do not panic and do not lose hope, Erectile Dysfunction is treatable in more than 90% of cases.

The sooner you start the treatment, the sooner you will forget about this problem!

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