How to Make Sex Better by Remedying Erectile Dysfunction?

How to Make Sex Better?

Men tend to be pretty harsh on them if they are unable to perform well in bed. Poor sexual performance can damage a man’s self confidence. If you suffer from Erectile dysfunction there is no need to be disheartened at all there are many natural remedies that you can choose from. So if you are really interested in knowing how to make sex better simply read the tips below and make the best out of them.

Is Erectile Dysfunction a Disease?

This not really a disease by a malfunction of the penis whereby the organ is not able achieve or maintain a steady dysfunction during sexual intercourse. When there is no proper blood flow in the penis this usually takes place and it can be rectified over a period of time with proper care.

Why Does Erectile Dysfunction Occur?

There can be a combination of psychological and physical causes that give rise to erectile dysfunction. This usually occurs because of some disorders that have a direct negative impact on the blood vessels and nerves.What is the Definition of Impotence?

This is best defined a a problem that men face in sustaining a strong erection to get through sexual intercourse, people who want to know how to make sex better should learn what is impotence and how to minimize or prevent it.What is the Main Cause of Erectile dysfunction?

There are various causes that can bring about erectile dysfunction in a man but the most prominent cause is said to be depression. Depression depletes the testosterone levels in the body thus making it difficult to achieve a good erection.

Ways to Reduce to Eliminate Erectile Dysfunction

How to Make Sex Better by Remedying Erectile Dysfunction?

Follow These Pointers If You Really Want to Get Rid of Erectile Dysfunction:

Walking Regularly

If you need to improve your sexual performance then you should consider indulging in walking as it provides good exercise. Any good exercise on a regular basis helps to build testosterone in the body and thus prevents Erectile dysfunction.

Eating a Healthy Diet and Maintaining a Normal Body Weight

Experts have always stressed that a healthy diet that comprises of fresh vegetables and fruits help to prevent ED. Foods that free from fat and cholesterol help a man to maintain proper body weight. A study revealed that men whose waist size is more than 32 inches are very likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction and heart problems.

Pelvic Exercises

Such exercises are also referred to as kegel exercises and these exercises promote good sexual health. The exercises add strengthen the bulbocavernosus muscles and facilitates steady blood flow into the penis area to achieve a strong erection. Fitness experts have said that kegel exercises performed twice a day can produce outstanding results, but of course the person also has to make a lot of changes in lifestyle such as drink less or complete quit alcohol.

Drinking Water Melon Juice is a Good Idea

Citrulline is a natural amino acid that is found water melons and it is said to improve blood circulation in the body particularly in the penile area. So you see that a slice of water melon will not only quench your thirst but help prevent Erectile dysfunction. A study in 2011 shed light that men who tend to suffer from moderate to mild Erectile dysfunction consumes supplements with Citrulline actually got rid of their erectile dysfunction within a short time. There is no doubt hat natural Citrulline can be digested well by the body. With this particular option one does not have to depend on harsh medication at all.

Some more natural elements that can help to beat erectile dysfunction


This is one mineral that can help to boost the production of testosterone within the body. So you may consider Supplements that have zinc in them which will help cure or prevent erectile dysfunction.


Allicin is a natural element in garlic that helps to enhance the blood flow in the body. This element is said to cure erectile dysfunction from a physiological level.

Supplements with Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 is known to break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats within the body. This also improves the circulation of blood and produces sex hormones.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin helps to process amino acid that can create the hormones. This vitamin also creates neurotransmitter that control sexual stimulation and mood. Not only does this improve the testosterone in the body but also produce a firm erection.


This is one natural remedy that has received validation from the FDA. This was first found in South America and was initially only used as aphrodisiac. The active elements in Yohimbe dilate the blood vessels in the penis.


This is an essential component of Chinese medicine that cures erectile dysfunction. The phytochemicals can reduce fatigue and increase stamina.

Goat Weed

This helps to improve thyroid hormones and the testosterone levels. This also removes toxins from the kidney and liver.

Tribulus Terrestris

This wonderful plant from the Southern Hemisphere and it contains to a very powerful ingredient like protodioscin that can help to raise the level of testosterone in the body.

Deer Velvet

This has been in use from the ancient times to cure Erectile dysfunction. This enhances sexual endurance and increases libido.


This is also found in the body and it strengthens the immune system within the body and enhances libido in the body. This is an effective antioxidant that also stabilizes blood sugar levels and the pressure in the blood.


This is basically extracted from the bark of pine trees and can increase the level of nitric oxide in the body and also regulate blood pressure.


This herbal element helps to increase a man’s stamina and libido thus helping him to get a strong erection. This element also works on the dopamine which is a neurotransmitter that creates a positive feeling in the mind.

Rhodiola is an herbal extract that may boost energy levels and libido, similar to ginseng and others. It acts on dopamine, the "feel good" neurotransmitter in the brain.


This is a natural aphrodisiac used to cured erectile dysfunction. It is also popularly believed that this herb contains magical powers.

Gingko Biloba

This is a part of Chinese medicine and has been used for centuries to treat erectile dysfunction. This extract is said to have a positive impact on the nervous system and also increases circulation of the blood.

Verdict Line

So if you have always wanted to know how to make sex better by beating erectile dysfunction, the above mentioned tips should be more than enough. You can now breathe a sigh of relief that you do not have to depend on harsh drugs that may have nasty side effects.

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